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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire ... The A-Team.

This was the introduction to one of the great TV series of the eighties. The purpose of this blog is to build up the definitive episode guide to the show across its five seasons which ran from 1983 to 1987. So this isn't too much of a burden, I'm intending to watch a couple of episodes a week and given that there were around 100 episodes made during its run, this will turn into a year-long project!

Friday, 19 November 2010

The Island s3ep8

co-starring: Paul Drake as Vescari, Carole Davis as Kalani, James Callahan as Dr Fallone, Sonny Landham as Ryker, Lance LeGault as Colonel Decker, Carl Franklin as Captain Crane
Written by Mark Jones
Directed by Michael O'Herlihy

The team help an old army friend who is living on an island which has been overtaken by a gang of mercenaries.

A generally empty episode, one that lacks an interesting hook and is plagued by scenes which just come and go without leaving any real impression. Things get off to a reasonable start with an opening in LA featuring Decker, here appearing for the first time since the end of season two.

As soon as the team reaches the island though, the episode just falls flat. Genuinely good moments, such as Face being told to swallow a tracking device (BA: “I made it, you eat it!”), are few and far between. Too much time is spent with the stock villains and uninteresting supporting characters. Drake makes for a mannered and unconvincing bad guy and Murdock’s fascination with being an animal encyclopedia doesn’t generate much in the way of humour.

The episode has the air of being something that was shot on the way back from filming another episode, cobbled together quickly when the makers came across a tank they could use for the finale. Just as you're about to lose all interest, the episode kicks into life with an action set-piece involving the aforementioned tank. It's a very good sequence (including a jeep being literally launched into the air) that deserves to be in a better episode. Certainly the weakest show so far but, unfortunately, worse was to come. 5/10.

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